Are your plants looking a little peaked after a long winter of being cooped-up inside? Getting g out for some fresh air during the warm months is healthy for all living things.

  • Wait until there is no longer any danger of frost before setting houseplants outside.
  • Before you place plants outdoors, acclimate them to the spring temperatures. Set them outside for short periods of time and bring them inside at night.
  • Over a period of two weeks, lengthen the exposure time gradually. Continue to bring plants inside at night if temperatures are not consistently above 55°F.
  • Do not place plants directly in the sun or else the leaves may burn.
  • Set plants on pot feet to prevent sow bugs.
  • Arrange plants in groups for increased humidity being careful to promote good air circulation.
  • Check soil often for moisture levels.
  • Empty saucers of excess water to prevent root rot.
  • While away on vacation, use a self-regulating plant watering system.
  • Mulch the surface of the soil to retain moisture.
  • Keep squirrels from digging in pots by placing a layer of crushed oyster shell on top of the soil.
  • Use a slow-release fertilizer to save you time and energy on frequent fertilizing.
  • Or, use a water soluble fertilizer every other week. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions so as not to burn tender plant roots.
  • Groom plants by clipping of damaged stems, yellow leaves and spent flowers.
  • Trellis or stake plants that get too tall.