Heavenly Hostas, their real glory is in their foliage.  The thin spikes of purple or white, trumpet shaped flowers appear for several weeks in the summer and are an added benefit to this divine perennial.

Hostas are praised by many for their magnificent variety of leaf size, color and texture. These angels will grace your garden with heart-shaped, lance-shaped, oval and nearly round leaves. Smooth, quilted or puckered textures, with either a matte or glossy sheen add to the glory or the Hostas radiant glow.

The leaf margins can be either smooth or wavy and range in color from light to dark green. Colors also include chartreuse, gray and blue. Variegated varieties of cream, white or yellow will radiate in a dark area of your garden.

While most hostas are shade worshippers, some types will tolerate sun. Hostas remain attractive from spring until frost and can withstand a wide range of growing conditions.

As choice groundcovers or single specimens in the landscape, hostas are certainly divine. Some hostas are quite unusual and rare and may increase in value each year.

Little maintenance is required to care for hostas. Cut off old flower stalks after flowers have faded. Divide plants occasionally to increase their quantity. With so many selections and varieties, you can find a hosta the will fit into almost any garden situation. Stop by and check out our heavenly selection today!

Uses For Hostas

Dwarf & Small Hosta: In addition to being planted in secret little pockets throughout your garden or next to paths, dwarf and small hostas can be used in difficult places. Plant them among tree roots, on a slope or in rocky places containing little soil.

Edger Hosta: These hostas are 12” or less in height and have more horizontal growth. They are able to control weeds as they leave not light, when well established, or room for them to grow.

Groundcover Hosta: This group of hostas grow in height to 18” or less.  They do a great job in areas difficult to weed or maintain.  If you are in need of a hosta for use as a groundcover, keep in mind it works great to plant spring flowering bulbs among them. The hosta comes up after the show of flowers and covers the fading foliage of the bulbs.

Background Hosta: Selections from this group grow to 24” or taller at maturity. They can be used to increase privacy where you sit and relax or to provide definition to your property line.

Specimen Hosta: Specimens may be any size. Choose a site close to where the plant will be viewed so that every detail (like texture, color patter, buds, flowers and fragrance) may be enjoyed.